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About Mobile App Development - Pixolo

Pixolo is one of the best Mobile App(iOS, Android, Windows) Development and Web Development company in Mumbai. It has a team of freelance Mobile App Developers & Web Designers that can meet any specifications from a Dynamic/ECommerce Website to a Software involving Big Data Analysis. 

We started as a team of freelancers who combined their expertise in various fields to make one team. The team constitutes of freelance Web Designers, Mobile App Developers(iOS, Android, Windows) and Software Developers based in Mumbai having an experience of at least 7 years in the said fields. We are a team who follow the ethics of the coding world, but not the traditions of the designs. We believe in thinking beyond the ordinary. We are a team of creative, innovative and dependable freelancers who are motivated to deliver beyond what is promised. 

The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.
Money is just a secondary thing!!
The relation with our customer has always been our priority.

How are we different?

We add the wow factor to your designs, your online presence, whether it is in the form of a Mobile app or Website or a Software, should reflect your companies personality and the principles you hold. Large-scale businesses are programmed to deliver efficiency and consistency but not joy and transparency. Which comes from humanity, transparency, and connections, which we resolutely believe in. We deliver joy, transparency along with efficiency.

Since we started as a team of freelancers, hence our pricing strategy is specifically based on it. We deliver Mobile App Development, Web Design Service, and Software Development service at the best price you will find in the market.

Our Expertise 

With the years of experience working as freelancers, our team has an experience of working on various projects, with each project having its own complications and challenges. Even though we have always been based in Mumbai we have had clients all over the world with diverse requirements. Completing these projects and our detailed oriented approach towards every project has enabled us to grow and improve immensely. With this robust experience backing us, there is a belief that there are no specifications in the fields of Mobile App Development, Web Design Service and Software Development that we cannot meet. Every project is treated as a new challenge, the more the complications the more fun it is for us. As we love what we do and so we do it well.

We believe that every contact we make with our customer influences whether or not they will come back to us. Keeping this in mind we make sure to keep in touch with our customers throughout the project and clear every small doubt that they might have in mind.

We go beyond the traditional boundaries to deliver our services

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