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ShortComings of A WordPress Website

BY: Rishikesh Shinde

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems available today, and it remains a popular option to create a website; especially for the small business owners and brands that do not have the otherwise required know-how. It is a tool made using PHP, for open source website creation. It is one the most powerful platform for creating blogs and for Content Management Systems(CMS).

A WordPress website comes riddled with errors and future shortcomings. Below are 8 shortcomings of a WordPress described in brief.

shortcomings of a wordpress website

1. Not Created for Websites.

Why? The answer is simple Ė WordPress wasnít created with the intent of website design. WordPress started out as a blogging website, it is not unlikely that medium and traces of it can still be found across the CMS. It was only later that it evolved to meet the website creation demand. It has an open source code and uses plug-ins to support website creation and herein lays the crux of the problem with WordPress.

2. Hackable

Even if this would be the only reason, it is still convincing enough to not use WordPress for making Websites. Plug-ins are external programs that can be installed to a web browser for added functionality. In this case, a plug-in is what makes your WordPress website a website. Unfortunately, due to a lack of moderators, this is precisely what makes the website highly vulnerable to hacking. Itís like a Trojan horse, carrying the virus in it. A study published by Elegant Themes, tells us about the top 7 security plug-ins for WordPress. But they are all paid and for a small business who spend frugally on everything cannot afford such plugins.

3. Plug-ins make your website heavy and Slow.

The Plugins installed to make the website heavy and, in layman speak, make it slower and harder to access. That ceaseless buffering circle that you hate so much will become a daily experience. And as you wait for the website to load, you begin to reconsider WordPress.

shortcomings of a wordpress website

4. No Support

WordPress provides absolutely no support to its end users. It only has a robust doubt solving platform. It crowdsources its support/technical help requirements through the WP Community. If you may check, you will realize that a humongous amount of questions is left unanswered. This could leave you in high waters and desperately looking for a solution.

shortcomings of a wordpress website

5. No Programming Ethics

The use of plug-ins means that there is no programmer coding. Programming ethics arenít used, and it becomes difficult for the later developers to unpack and modify the website. Also, one of the biggest drawbacks is it is incompatible with Angular JS and many other Web Application tools.

6. Little Control Over Your Own Website.

Since you have no control over the HTML or the CSS files in your website, which means that it is nearly impossible to customize your websites on a micro level. And even the plug-ins that you do use are very expensive. This is because even though WordPress markets itself as a free website, the number of free plug-ins is minimal. Especially for small businesses buying separate plug-ins for individual features, is unaccommodating.

shortcomings of a wordpress website

7. Not good for Websites involving Big Data and Logic Involved.

If your business or brand requires a website with big data and complex logic, then WordPress serves more as a hindrance than an assistant. WordPress websites work best for brands that are looking to create a portfolio of their work or a gallery-based website as opposed to an information-heavy website. In fact, one may argue that WordPress websites are as good as blogs posing as websites.

8. PHP Problems.

The coding for a WordPress website is done in PHP, which many coders arenít particularly familiar to. If there are any changes in the functionality or in features, the changes will have to be made in the PHP coding. You will find it particularly interesting to know that coders arenít fond of this language, and if they are asked to learn it just to change a few features they will particularly despise it, or they might simply ask you to download/purchase a plug-in.

shortcomings of a wordpress website

9. Incomplete and Inconsistent Documentation.

If you have ever used WordPress, you will know that WordPress invites people to document the function. To solve this, you need to invest your time and effort into it. Which I would recommend you not to invest in.

10. Earning Limitations.

You cannot run ads on You cannot have Google Adsense or other advertising programs to serve ads. WordPress does not allow you to run any commercial activity on your website. If you still want to, you will have to apply to WordPressís advertising program, known as WordAds. Even after getting your approval you will have to share your revenue with WordPress, which again might not be feasible for a small business.

Like any other Platform, WordPress has its merits and demerits. It is always safe to develop a website using proper programming ethics. At any time if you lose out on your current developer, another developer can pick it up and continue. Ultimately it is cheap, safe and has no limit to the features and creatives you can add to your website.

If you have any queries regarding Websites or Mobile Application or you feel you should have one for yourself/ your company, we can always get in touch.

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Shortcomings of a wordpress website

ShortComings of A WordPress Website

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