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How Effectively Are Mobile Applications Affecting Our Lifestyle!

BY: Mahek Patel


There are more than 4 Billion users around the world using the internet. In almost all the countries the number of mobile phone users is higher than the number of desktop users. In some countries like India, Mexico, and Indonesia the number of mobile phone users is up to 4 times the number of desktop users. According to the latest report by App Annie, the mobile audience spends 7 times longer on mobile apps than on mobile Web Browser. As of March 2018, the number of apps on Google Playstore have crossed 3.3 million, and every app is designed keeping customers in mind. Every app is designed to make our lives more comfortable or remove some constraint or entertain us or help us in our daily routines. This has made us highly dependent on these apps.

Before I get to the positive and negative effects of using mobile apps lets read on how mobile apps make our lives easier.

Mobile apps aimed at making human life better are:

1.     Apps for news

Mobile apps have simply brought the whole world to our doorstep. Your daily dose of a newspaper is just a click away and it’s available with you 24/7. Neither you have to watch the continuous blabbering of the news reporter, nor do you have to worry about missing out on something important.


effects of mobile applications?

Now, you can have access to all of the trending news at any hour of the day by downloading mobile apps for different news channels. There is not even a single news channel which is not in the playstore or the app store. Be it Times of India or Aaj Tak, we can download a variety of news channels on our mobile phones. It saves our time as well as keeps us updated by notifying us about the latest developments throughout the world or about the field of our interest.

The Times Network which already has a majority share in the user engagement market has taken a further step by involving a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant enables its users to book flight tickets, do web check-ins, make a to-do list, set reminders and much more through the Times of India Mobile Application.  

effects of mobile applications?

2.     Apps for your hunger

By this I mean, applications that bring us closer to our dear beloved food. Mobile apps like Zomato, Swiggy, and UberEATS have allowed us to view our favorite restaurant sitting at home itself. These help us to build an idea of how the restaurant is and whether or not we should visit it or order food. We can have a good idea about the ambiance, read the reviews dropped in by customers and decide the cuisine before even visiting.

 effects of mobile applications

It also benefits us in various ways like on-demand food delivery, advance bookings and activates deals and offer, which are available only by using these applications. These apps display all kinds of information you need to know about a restaurant like direction, menu, reviews, photos, contact number, ratings, the average cost for two people and other information. 

3. Apps to Complete Your Shopping List

A wife may forget to cook for her husband but she will never forget shopping. In Mumbai city where the bad weather conditions might be due to the heavy rains or the summer heat too which can do enough damage to your shopping mood. If not the weather then all hail the traffic in our Mumbai city!! That would surely do the damage along with the air and noise pollution. 

For all of these problems, we have shopping apps, which deliver whatever you want, be it clothes, electronics, groceries etc. This prevents you from getting exhausted or annoyed and keeps your enthusiasm as well while you are relaxing on your couch. Also with the development of these mobile apps, we can now shop at any time, from anywhere and at any hour without visiting the shopping mall. Not only can you download applications like Amazon, Myntra, Jabong that offer exclusive deals on a variety of brands and products from various industries like electronics, jewelry, furniture, and apparel. You can download applications of a preferred personal store like H&M, Forever21 and Zara.

effects of mobile applications?

4. Apps to Connect With People

Earlier, when there weren’t any apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat, it was difficult for us to contact our friends and family. Also, the cost of calling someone was too high and unaffordable. We would have to go out of the way to get in touch with our friends and relatives who do not live in the same city as us. As calling them had to be done with STD phones.

effects of mobile applications


However, mobile apps have made it easy to connect with people. For example, WhatsApp allows voice call as well as video call to any person in your WhatsApp contact list and it is completely free of cost. You can get in touch with long-distance relatives or some of your friends too. You can keep yourself and others completely updated by uploading pics and checking their profiles on apps like Facebook and Instagram. Well, and I am sure that the uses of social media are not something I need to write about here. I am sure you are well versed with almost all. Check out user details and statistics related to WhatsApp. Click here.

5.    Apps for Entertainment.

Ever hear teenagers talking about Netflix? Well, that’s the kind of entertainment I was talking about. These entertaining apps have movies and TV shows in it, which allows you to watch them in high quality. You just have to download these mobile apps and pay the subscription fee for a predefined period and enjoy unlimited shows and movies for the said period.

 effects of mobile applications

Not only teenagers but our parents may enjoy it too. They can watch their favorite soap opera without worrying about missing it. There are a ton of apps like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. 

Mobile Gaming is one thing that almost everyone engages in. It may be due to passing their time or purely for leisure purposes or it may also be due to addiction towards a game. Talking about addiction the 1st game that strikes me is PokemonGo and then Clash of Clans. Turns out there is a new game, which is everybody’s new favorite after Pokémon Go.

Click here to know the GAME!!

6.    Apps for emergency

In earlier days, there were times when people were in danger but they had no means to contact their family. But with the help of mobile apps, we can immediately send an alert message if we are in danger. Social Communications and Mobile Apps play an important role during an emergency situation.

effects of mobile applications

Back in Paris during the coordinated attacks which left 127 people dead and over 350 injured, facebook just a few hours later activated its Safety Check Tool, where people mark themselves safe by clicking on “Yes, let my friends know.” This was the 1st time when it was used for a purpose outside a natural disaster and millions of users marked themselves safe.

Some of the top listed apps are for your personal safety are life360, family locator, and SOS emergency app.

These mobile apps have positive as well as negative effect on us.

1)    Positive effect

I. Relaxing

One of the positive impacts of mobile apps is that it is relaxing and soothing. We can watch funny videos, TV series and movies on different mobile apps that help relax and refresh our mind. There are gaming apps that help relieve stress and calm the mind. For example, Puzzle games and crosswords. In addition, there are tutorials in meditation and exercise, that you can follow to calm your body. The app “calm” allows the user to have access to breathing exercise, meditation and helps fall asleep. 

effects of mobile applications

And of course, listening to our favorite music helps us to calm our minds and recover from the stress or tiredness.

Music can transfer you to the most wonderful and peaceful places.


II.    Alertness 

Mobile apps make sure that we are made aware of the situation that may be upcoming. For example, Google maps show us what route should we use in order to avoid traffic and save time. It helps us in our daily life and health routines. The app “daily water” reminds you to drink water at specific intervals and keeps a note on liters of water you drink at every interval. The app “BZ reminders” reminds you important meetings or events that you have to attend in case it slips your mind.

 effects of mobile applications

Also playing games which help to improve your alertness is also available. Happy Neuron is one of the few developers who create alertness and memory games.

III.  Communication

With mobile application development, we are more connected to our loved ones. We share a pic, tag them and express our love through captions. As mentioned above in under the point Apps to connect with people, we can call anyone and talk face to face with them at any hour. Even after being miles away we feel closer to them. Snapchat allows the user to video call, send pictures and messages to your friends.

IV.    Educating 

The best part of mobile apps is that it educates us in some or the other way. There are apps for kids that display nursery rhymes like 50 nursery rhymes. We have a huge platform to learn from. Apps like Kindle allow a person to read books on the phone itself. 


effects of mobile applications?

There are many more positives in having mobile apps. Apps which ensure our safety, for our daily utilities like shopping and travelling, also helps us be more organized which we have already spoken about in the section before this. 

To know more about how mobile apps are affecting education. Read here

2)    Negative effects

I.    Addiction

Teenagers and their cell phones are inseparable. They are so engrossed in those exciting mobile apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, they forget everything around themselves. They cannot miss checking on these apps and also they love being on it all the time. 

Not only social media apps get their users heavily addicted but also mobile gaming apps. It becomes a habit to keep on using these mobile apps. Check the video to know about the mobile app that helps your mental health.

effects of mobile applications

II.    Monetary Charges

There are a lot of apps that initially portray themselves as a free app. Once they have roped their user in, there will be several in-app purchases, it may be for extra points or an extra life in a game, or to unlock some feature etc. The app will prompt its user a several 100 times about the purchases.

Many teenagers get addicted to apps and are ready to spend money. This, in turn, may create stress for their parents.

III.    Health issues

Mobile Phones emit radio frequency waves a non-ionizing energy. Continuous exposure to this radiation could prove fatal. The tissues which are close to the radiation may keep absorbing that energy and can turn into a cancer tissue. Though the newly designed mobile phones emit way less energy as compared to the old ones with antennas, still it is advisable to restrict your use.

Check this video out to know more about the health issues faced.


effects of mobile applications

Apart from the radiation, being too much on your mobile phones and constantly scanning your social feed or on various shopping, apps you may notice people with luxurious materials, which might get depressing for you as you cannot purchase it. You might end up hurting yourself, trying to be them. It creates stress and mental issues like anxiety and insecurity. Research has shown that health issues are connected to mobile phones. To read more about its effect click here.

IV.    Waste of time

A recent research done by GlobalWebIndex reveals that on an average an internet user spends more than 6 hours of his time on internet-powered devices/applications. If we add this for the 4 billion users worldwide, then we shall spend an astonishing 1 billion years on the internet in 2018.

effects of mobile applications?

V.    Disconnected from the real world

A man can get so addicted to his cell phone; they would possibly wind up getting detached from their present reality. Individuals have confessed giving cells phones more significance than relationships in their lives. This can hamper your family life and could put a strain on your emotional wellness.

effects of mobile applications?


VI.    Cyberbullying

 effects of mobile applications

As per a poll conducted by Fight Crime Invest in Kids, about 33% of the youngsters are victims of cyberbullying. Also, half of the victims don't have the mere idea about the character of the culprits. This adds up to our mental illness leading to problems like anxiety, depression, and frustration.

You can know about the harmful effects of using mobile phones by clicking here.

We have been using mobile apps for a long time. It has become a part of our daily life. We are handicapped without it. We depend on our mobile phones as crutches. They have changed our style of living and it will continue to affect our lifestyles in good as well as in harmful ways.

Like everything and anything in excess are not good, the same applies to mobile phones as well. Its uses and scope are great if done within the right limits. 

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